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We’re located on the pristine southern coast of Australia. Our 3 sites benefit from some of the most pure water and air on the planet.

We are proud of our pristine locations. They were all specifically chosen due to their access to pure, cold, clean, unpolluted waters. We are also especially proud that in 2015 our largest site in Indented Head, Victoria, was the first abalone aquaculture site in the world to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council accreditation. The ASC programme promotes industry best practice to minimise the environmental and social footprint of commercial aquaculture. Through its consumer label the ASC promotes certified responsibly farmed products in the marketplace.

Indented Head, Victoria

Australia’s largest abalone farm and the first abalone aquaculture site in the world to achieve ASC certification. Working with Australia’s leading scientific agency CSIRO we established our Jade Tiger Abalone® breeding program at Indented Head in 2003 and have continued to make improvements ever since. Today our Indented Head site produces 200MT of high quality abalone per year. We have total control of all stages of our abalone production from spawning, nursery and grow out to harvesting and processing.

Indented Head is home to our state-of-the-art processing facility where we undertake all our own processing to ship Live, Canned or IQF frozen abalone to cities around the world.

Avalon, Victoria

Our second site in Victoria, produces 50MT of high quality abalone per year. Our Avalon site is located within Port Phillip Bay less than a one hour drive from the city of Melbourne. Close to both the Avalon and Melbourne International airports, it is located in its own secluded area right beside Avalon beach.

Dunalley, Tasmania

Our newest site is also our coldest growing site, with the very cold waters of the Great Southern Ocean flowing directly from Antarctica up to Dunalley in Southern Tasmania. Tasmania is famous for its cold temperatures, pure clean waters, and exceptional high quality seafood. The cold waters at Dunalley mean that our abalone grow very slowly for maximum flavour development. Currently producing 100MT of high quality abalone per year, this production will grow to 150MT per year in the coming years.