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An unprecedented milestone for the global aquaculture industry, Jade Tiger Abalone’s Indented Head farm has become the world’s first abalone farm to attain certification from the prestigious Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This groundbreaking achievement reinforces Jade Tiger’s unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility, setting a new standard for the entire abalone farming community.

The ASC certification, awarded under the ASC Abalone Standard, marks Jade Tiger’s exemplary leadership in pioneering sustainable practices within the aquaculture sector. Anton Krsinich, the General Manager of Jade Tiger Abalone, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant accomplishment, stating, “This is a monumental step forward in Jade Tiger Abalone’s quest to be the epitome of responsible aquaculture operations.”

Krsinich emphasized the broader impact of certification, highlighting its role in minimizing environmental footprints, fostering a conducive work environment for employees, and solidifying Jade Tiger’s position as a responsible corporate citizen. “Our customers in Asia are increasingly seeking high-quality, cleanly produced seafood. The accreditation process and maintaining this standard will help us retain and grow our market share,” he added.

Jade Tiger Abalone is actively engaged in ongoing dialogues with the local community, ensuring a collaborative effort to be the best possible neighbour. The company remains dedicated to continuous improvement, with a core focus on safeguarding the local environment – a value deeply cherished by the entire Jade Tiger team.

The ASC Abalone Standard, established in 2012 through the Abalone Aquaculture Dialogues, addresses a spectrum of potential social and environmental impacts associated with abalone farming. This includes farm siting, feed, biosecurity, ecosystem effects, waste management, and social responsibility.

Chris Ninnes, CEO of ASC, expressed his delight at welcoming the first certified abalone farm into the ASC program, stating, “To help consumers choose responsibly farmed seafood, it is important to expand the offer of certified produce available. Now I look forward to the first ASC labelled abalone entering the market.”

By embracing ASC certification, Jade Tiger Abalone subjects itself to rigorous third-party evaluation in areas such as energy and water use, local water quality impacts, and employment practices. SCS Global Services, a leading third-party certification body, played a pivotal role in completing the assessment of the Indented Head Farm.

Dr. Sabine Daume, SCS’s Regional Director of Sustainable Seafood for Australasia, commended Jade Tiger Abalone for its commitment to ASC, stating, “Jade Tiger has shown great leadership by realizing the need for tight biosecurity and stringent health surveillance programs at their farm and here in Australia.” Jade Tiger Abalone’s ASC certification stands as a testament to its pioneering spirit and dedication to a sustainable and responsible future for abalone farming worldwide

As Jade Tiger Abalone continues to set new benchmarks in sustainable aquaculture, the ASC certification stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and the delivery of premium, responsibly sourced abalone to a discerning global market.


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